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Terms of Use for Authors

I hereby declare that all the data provided in Authors Pre-registration are true and apply to me.

I am aware of the need to validate my e-mail by clicking on the item indicated in the message confirming my request to be included in the community of authors of this portal. I am also aware that I have 7 days in which to effect this validation before it expires. Moreover, I am aware that, for the convenience and in accordance with the decision of the Portal Editorial Board, I may be denied acceptance as one of the authors of the portal.

I am aware that, because of misconduct or for the convenience or by decision of the Portal Editorial Board, my status as a Portal Author may be revoked without any prior warning.

After being accepted by the Portal Editorial Board as a Portal Author, I am aware of the following:

1 – I must necessarily include items that are in accordance with the objectives of this portal, under penalty of exclusion from the portal without prior warning. This decision is entirely up to the Portal Editorial Board.
2 – I must necessarily follow the guidelines for inclusion of items and also must respect the rules of formatting and layout stipulated by this portal.

I am aware that upon being allowed inclusion in this portal, the item in question will receive an indication regarding its status (Under Evaluation) and will be subject to evaluation by the Portal Editorial Board.

I am aware that after evaluation of the item by the Portal Editorial Board, I may receive requests to alter the content of the published item. At this time, the content of the items already published become available for alteration.

I am aware that after giving permission for the publication of an item, I will not have any further access to edit said item, except in the context of responding to requests made by the Portal Editorial Board.

Upon clicking “I accept,” I thereupon declare that I accept the Terms of Use
above to obtain the status of author of this site.


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