Comunidades Açorianas
  What is the Portal

The Azorean Communities Portal is aimed at those who are interested in Azorean culture and deals with several areas of subject matter. The portal’s main goal is to map and bring together different fields of knowledge about “Azoreanity,” or subjects of cultural and affective interest to Azoreans.

The creation of a portal of Azorean origin and aimed at serving the worldwide Azorean Communities was a project first discussed during a meeting of the group Jornadas Emigração/Comunidades (Migration/Communities Encounters) held in January, 2004 on the island of São Miguel and in June, 2007 on the island of Graciosa. This website provides information on several subjects, including History, Literature, Portuguese Language Teaching, Bibliography, Arts and Letters, Cultural Patrimony, etc.

The importance of this vehicle of cultural dissemination constitutes, on the part of all collaborators, an homage to the thousands of Azoreans who since the 17th century spread Azorean culture throughout various parts of the world.

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