Comunidades Açorianas

1 - What is the Azorean Communities Portal?

In January of 2004 on the island of São Miguel, and in June 2007 on the island of Graciosa, respectivey, the meetings I and II of Jornadas Emigração/Comunidades (Emigration/Communities Encounters) took place. From those meetings emerged the creation of a portal whose objective was to serve the needs of Azorean communities and communities of Azorean ancestry. These portal will include topics such as History, Literature, Portuguese Language Teaching, Bibliography, Arts and Letters, Cultural Patrimony, etc.

The importance of this vehicle of cultural dissemination constitutes, on the part of all collaborators, an homage paid to the thousands of Azoreans who since the 17th century spread Azorean culture throughout many parts of the world.

Participate and contribute with your knowledge to the Azorean Communities Portal.


2 - Why can I trust the information provided to the Azorean Communities Portal?

All content presented in the Portal, including Articles/other texts contributed by numerous authors from various countries will be evaluated by the Portal Editorial Board, which will be responsible to ensure the accuracy of all information submitted by Portal visitors.

Articles/other texts not yet evaluated by the Portal Editorial Board will be marked with the expression Under Consideration, with a red mark on the item. When the Article/item is approved by the Portal Editorial Board, the red mark is removed and the Article/item is published in its final version, becoming a candidate item for translation.


3. In what languages will items in the Portal be presented?

The content of the Portal, as well as Articles/other texts will be presented in Portuguese and English

At any moment while surfing the Portal, the visitor may switch from one language to another by using the feature língua/language in the portal header. 


4. To what do the sites with marker on the map point to?

The sites with marker on the map indicate the places referred to in the Articles/items, not to the place(s) associated with the Authors.

Example: A Canadian author produces an Article/item on Azorean culture in Brazil. In a case like this the site marked on the map is Brazil, not Canada.


5. How to post an Article/item in the Portal:

The candidate needs to fill out the Pre-registration information for evaluation by the Portal Editorial Board.

The candidate must state the nature of his/her relationship to Azorean culture. Only authors who demonstrate a serious intention to collaborate and have a genuine interest in Azorean culture will be allowed to register. 

Read the item below to learn more about how to become an Author.


6. How to become an Author

On the Portal opening page, click on the option How to participate in this community and publish Articles/other texts in this Portal or I wish to become a Portal Author and then fill out the Pre-registration and request acceptance as a Portal Author.

Read the instructions and at the bottom of the page click on the link Start your pre-registration here.

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